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Police earn one and a half times their hourly wage for any work

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Canada Goose sale “It’s a question we all look at, and try to be as fair as we can. I don’t know if we ever hit the magic fairness quotient, because it’s a tough one to hit.”Jones said the city’s overtime pay system for firefighters also needs adjusting.Police earn one and a half times their hourly wage for any work beyond 40 hours; firefighters have to log 48 or 72 hours, depending on their shift, before overtime kicks in, he said.Jones asked council members to introduce at ordinance at their Feb. 12 meeting equalizing police and firefighter salaries, which would cost taxpayers about $2 million annually.To soften the financial blow to the city, he said the firefighters union is willing to have the raises phased in over two years.”We’re not trying to take anything away from the police department,” said Jones. Canada Goose sale

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