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Japanese most popular energy saving ISHII incubator now in Bangladesh

Published at মার্চ ১৬, ২০১৮

ISHII is the largest incubator company in the world. Mr. Gu Shao Feng is the Sales Manager of that company. ISHII wants to make a different market, exclusive service in Bangladesh poultry sector. Chicks & Feed is the sole agent of this company in Bangladesh. Recently we met of this company representative in Dhaka and talked with them about there company, machinery, service and vision. Mr. Md. Khorshed Alam Jewel, editor & ceo of taken the interview of Mr. Gu Shao Feng….. Want know your company ISHII, would you please brief us?

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : ISHII is the largest hatchery operator in Japan, with 50 years experience in poultry hatcheries and 40 years experience in the manufacture  of incubators. ISHII Japan produced their first incubator in 1968.ISHII Japan believes in “Customer First” and that is why they continuously apply the best technologies into thier products.

Ishii Livestock Equipment Company was formed and organized by IP.Co.,LTD Japan, a Japanese owned company. It was founded on January, 1997. Its plant is located at XinQiao Development Zone, Songjiang, Shanghai. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sales of incubators and other hatchery processing equipment, as well as ventillation, cooling and air-conditioning systems. Your company is from Japan or China?

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : Our Mother company is Japan. We are from china because there have also factory.  But all machinery parts are come from Japan & USA. In Shanghai, China our machinery assembled only. editor & ceo Mr. Md. Khorshed Alam with Mr. Gu Shao Feng How is your market in china & other countries?

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : We are very good position in China as well as other countries of south east asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines. We sell 500 unit incubators only in china. In Bangladesh you have got any buy order?

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : Actually today (15 March, 2018) we are first time in here. Hope will very soon got the chance. Have you any idea about Bangladeshi Market?

Mr.  Gu Shao Feng : Yah..obviously. Bangladesh is very big and growing market for poultry sector. Higher population but per capita meat and egg consumption is too poor. So, we beleive it will be increase because you have lot of young, educated entrepreneur. Why we should to choose ISHII?

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : Our main specialty is its energy saving and also safe power. It is very uniform, higher hatchability and it is very good for temperature. Your country weather is very hot and ISHII made incubator is very ecofriendly for your country. On ther other hand,The incubators Produced by Shanghai ISHII is the result of decades of manufacturing experience, research and development by ISHII Japan.  With the goal of producing the best incubators in the world, all new products from R&D have been rigidly tested and systematically analyzed with the aim of offering customers with a safe and high quality product. ISHII Livestock Equipment Co. LTD shanghai is also ISO9000 Certified. Thank you very much

Mr. Gu Shao Feng : Thank you


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