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Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. has appointed Dr. Rajesh Sikder as Business Manager

Published at আগস্ট ২৮, ২০১৮

Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rajesh Sikder as Business Manager based in Dhaka, Bangladesh since June 2018.

Mr Manish Nigam, Sr. Vice President & Business Head and Mr Abhinav Singh, Sr. Manager, Export from Jubilant Life Sciences commented, “We are delighted to welcome Dr Rajesh to our global dynamic team and look forward to work with us and customers across the country and we believe, he will bring a new skill set and energy to the positions”.

Dr Rajesh achieved his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD degree) in International Development and Management from China Agricultural University. He obtained M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Marine Science from Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, University of Chittagong.

Dr Rajesh engaged in the sales and marketing of feed additives, premixes and retail products in the Animal Health industry since 2009. During his long services tenure, he served in different companies from which he gathered great experiences.

He is seeking the assistance of all the related stakeholders of Animal Health industry, including Consultants/Nutritionist, Feed Millers, Hatchery & Breeder Farm owners, Distributors to perform his duties properly.

About Jubilant Life Sciences:

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited is an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences company engaged in manufacturing and supply of APIs, Solid Dosage Formulations, Radiopharmaceuticals, Allergy Therapy Products, Advance Intermediates, Fine Ingredients, Crop Science Ingredients, Life Science Chemicals and Nutritional Products.

Jubilant Life Sciences serves its customers globally with sales in over 100 countries and ground presence in India, USA, Canada, Europe and China. Jubilant is well recognised as a ‘Partner of Choice’ by leading life sciences companies worldwide. This resulted in a network of 7 world class manufacturing facilities in India and 4 in North America and a team of around 7600 multicultural people across the globe with over 2000 in North America and 1000 in R&D.

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