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LevittD, natural source of the active form of vitamin D

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High production demands lead to musculoskeletal, reproductive and immunitary problems. Moreover, the liver and kidney damage due to heat stress, mycotoxins and age can aggravate the problem, reducing the productive capacity of the animals and increasing treatment costs.

Agrinews24 Business Desk: LevittD is the effective combination of calcium pidolate and calcitriol. Due to its synergistic effect, it allows a rapid action by increasing the concentration of bioavailable calcium in the animal’s organism, when these present deficiencies or are subject to high demands due to lactation, egg production or nutritional and environmental stress factors.

Due to this big metabolic effort, a correct supplementation is fundamental for an optimal and healthy performance.

When to use LevittD

  • Ideal in situations of high calcium demand.
  • To guarantee a correct mineralization and calcium metabolism during environmental and productive stress periods.
  • To prevent productive problems associated to lack or high requirements of calcium and vitamin D
  • Situations in which the animal’s immunity may be affected.

This is how LevittD Works

LevittD is the differentiating factor

  • Direct action on reproductive and immune parameters.
  • Prevents the problems of mineralization and bone density.
  • Improves eggshell formation and egg viability increasing the % of born chicks.
  • Maintains the laying curve and egg quality.


  • Direct contribution of calcium pidolate and natural source of the active form of vitamin D.
  • Without restriction of use due to legal limits of vitamin D.
  • Excellent stability during storage.
  • No risk of accumulation on meat or fatty tissue.

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