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কাজী এগ্রো লি. বাজারে নিয়ে এলো BOLIFOR® MCP-F

Published at জুলাই ২৩, ২০১৯

High purity product BOILIFOR® MCP-F from YARA (Finland) now available in Bangladesh. Provide livestock with essential macro minerals to sustain healthy and productive growth. Macro minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sodium are essential elements for sustaining healthy and productive animal growth. Yara BOILIFOR® feed minerals support bone and muscle formation in monogastric animals (pigs, poultry, horses and aquaculture) as well as ruminants (dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats).

Why choose Yara BOILIFOR® feed minerals: By choosing high purity products that are naturally low in undesirable substances, with Yara Boliforfeed minerals you ensure :

  • Quality and Purity from source: Yara phosphates are of a consistently high quality because they come from a Yara-owned clean volcanic deposit in Siilinjärvi, Finland.
  • Supply reliability: Production runs 24/7 to ensure a steady and supply.
  • Consistency: Because the single phosphorus source is high quality and the production controlled wholly by Yara, the consistency of the phosphorus is also guaranteed.
  • Digestibility and Feed efficiency: When animals absorb a higher proportion of nutrients, animal producers get maximum return on feed investment. Yara ensures that its inorganic phosphates are more digestible than competitor products resulting in a lower unit cost.
  • Environmental benefit: Higher digestibility means less phosphates are released into the environment. This can help farmers meet UK environmental regulations while providing optimum nutrition for their livestock
  • Taste: Yara knows that palatable product means high consumption and less nutrient waste by the animals


Monocalcium phosphate for animal feed produced mainly by the reaction of pure phosphoric acid and calcium carbonate under controlled conditions within a granulator. The high chemical solubility and biological availability make BOLIFOR® MCP-F a first level product as a source of calcium and phosphorus granules. It is recommended for use in mineral supplements and other foods for livestock, pigs, birds and all other types of animals.


BOLIFOR® MCP-F appears as grey granules. The product is highly soluble in water and diluted acids. BOLIFOR® MCP-F is odourless and has an acidic taste. A feed grade monocalcium phosphate produced by means of reacting phosphoric acid and calcium sources in a granulator at precise conditions.


Chemical formula Ca (H2PO4)2 x H20
CAS No 10031-30-8
EINECS No 231-837-1

Physical Properties:

Appearance Fine granules >90 % within 0.2 – 1.5 mm, guaranteed when delivered from factory.
Bulk density kg/m3 900 – 1100
Water activity aw < 0.70

Product Properties:

Phosphorus (P) 22.7 %
Relative solubility in
– 2% citric acid 98 %
– alkaline ammonium citrate 98 %
– Water 75 %
Calcium (Ca) 16.5 %
Ca:P ratio 0.7:1
Magnesium (Mg) 1 %
pH 4-5
Ash insoluble in 3N HCI < 1 %
Moisture (mechanical free water) < 3 %

Pack Size : 25 Kg

Directions for Use:                                                                       

The superior chemical solubility and biological availability make BOLIFOR® MCP-F a top ranked granular calcium dangerous and phosphorus source. It is recommended for use in concentrates, compound feed, mineral feed and other feeds for cattle, pigs, poultry, aqua and all other animals.

Nutritive value :

Trial data show significant differences in phosphorus digestibility between and within the different generic types of inorganic feed phosphates. Reputable independent research institutes regularly evaluate the digestibility of BOLIFOR® feed phosphates in monogastric species.

Trial results consistently demonstrate that BOLIFOR® digestibility values are at the top of the range. Trial reports and digestibility coefficients are available on request

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