Largest Manufacturing Facilities with its Innovative R &D Products introduced by PVS Group India in “Poultry India Expo 2023”

International Desk: It’s great to brief about the successful participation of International Health Care Ltd (PVS Group India) in the “Poultry India Expo 2023” at Hyderabad. The introduction of innovative R&D products and the focus on research and development activities certified by the DSIR highlight the company’s commitment to advancing the poultry industry.

The featured product METABO, developed with advanced symbiotic-molecule technology, seems to have garnered significant attention due to its multifaceted benefits as an FCR improver, disease preventer, performance enhancer, and high-profit gainer in broilers, layers, and breeders. The positive response from visitors across various regions of the country indicates the potential impact of this product in the poultry sector.

Additionally, the introduction of other feed additives like PROTOX Special, EGGRON, and GAINBRO further demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of poultry farmers, feed millers, and distributors.

PVS Group’s extensive experience of more than 30 years, coupled with its large production capacities and global export presence, positions it as a significant player in the animal and aqua health care product manufacturing and exporting industry.

The key poultry team’s effective communication and information sharing within the industry have contributed to the success of the event, fostering positive connections with poultry farmers and industry professionals. Dr. PVS (CMD) Mr. Arun Pamulapati (Director) and Dr Ajit Jadhav (General Manager) along with key poultry team – Mr. Raheem, Mr. Yoganandam, Mr. R. Palanisamy, Mr. Kartik, Mr Prahlad Reddy, Mr. Sriram, Mr. K.K.V Babu and Dr. Rajesh (R & D) made this event very successful.

Overall, the company’s participation in the “Poultry India Expo 2023” appears to have been a fruitful endeavour, showcasing its commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in the field of animal and aqua health care products.

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