A workshop on ” PoultryTechBangladesh Feed Milling Workshop” was held in Dhaka

Agrinews24 International: A workshop titled “PoultryTechBangladesh Feed Milling Workshop” was held in Dhaka. Van Aarsen International B.V.  organized the event on Wednesday (November 29) at Hotel Amari in the capital. The main theme of the program was “Sustainable, energy-efficient feed milling”. Entrepreneurs, poultry experts and senior officials of the top poultry companies of the country were present on the occasion.

Ms. Amber van Spronsen, Emerging Market Advisor, Larive International B.V., gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the program. At this time, he gave detailed information about Van Aarsen International B.V. She said, we’re looking also into feed milling. And as part of these activities on feed-meaning, today Van Aarsen is going to do the workshop with you. At this time, he explained the background and partnership introduction of PoultryTech Bangladesh in detail.

Ms. Amber also said, on behalf of the Dutch Government Larive-LightCastle performed a poultry sector Bangladesh study in 201-22020 to identify poultry value chain development opportunities. PoultryTech Bangladesh has been established through Public Private Partnership. Then she introduced the speakers to the workshop and invited them to brief.

Dr. Rashed Mahmud, Research Manager (Bangladesh) “UKRI-CGRF One Health Poultry Hub” Project, CVASU, presented a presentation on “Poultry Sector Developments & Challenges- One Health Poultry Hub” at the program. He has given detailed information about the background, purpose and how One Health Poultry Hub works in Bangladesh.

He said, the project is a five years research and impact research project started in 2019 funded by the United Kingdom. We have a powerful team from the multiple countries, 30 institutions across Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Rashed said, our research topic is safe protein intensification. Poultry production is increasing extremely in the last 15 years in Bangladesh. We are trying to make the safer protein intensification by minimizing the risk of disease transmission in human as well as the protein, which have immense potential, both for the depression as well as the life-threat.

“We all know that Bangladeshi people are always like to buy live poultry from the market, which is actually risky for the disease transmission”-he added.

Mr. Ing. Roger Ubags, Area Sales Manager, Van Aarsen International B.V. presented a presentation on “Workshop on Sustainable European Feed Milling- Van Aarsen International B.V. at the event. He said,

Discussing the challenges of the feed mill industry he said that, the price of the raw materials is fluctuating a lot. So that, of course, influences the price of the feed. In Europe especially, the employments.

Discussing the challenges of the feed mill industry he also said that, the price of the raw materials is fluctuating a lot. So that, of course, influences the price of the feed. In Europe especially, the employments.

Discussing the energy consumption of the feed mill Mr. Roger said, ” We made a calculation and we say our lifetime of our machines are 25 years if you do the right maintenance and you use the right spare parts. If you can do an energy saving of 20% in 25 years, then you have a saving of 1.3 million dollars. So I think it’s very interesting to look at that, to use some options, how you can do energy savings.”

During this time, he discussed in detail about 20 other very important issues related to Feed mill.

An open question and answer session was organized at the end of the presentation. At this time, the experts gave fluent answers to the various questions of the guests who came to the program.

Mr. Kazi Aziz Sobhan, CEO, Prestige Feed & Ingredient said, Van Aarsen brings efficient machines with modern technology. Although the Van Aarsen machine is expensive, it is highly efficient and pays for itself in a short period of time and plays an important role in establishing a sustainable feed industry.

Mr. Zahed Amin, Director (Finance, strategy and consulting services) LightCastle Partners, delivered closing remarks on the workshop. Mr. Matthias Brienen has also given speech on the program.

Ms Dipa Sultana (senior business consultant & project manager) played the role of host in the whole program.

Moreover, Van Aarsen International B.V. basically Leading global company specialist in the designs, development, manufacturing and supply of machinery and turnkey feed mill and premix plant solutions. Prestige Feed & Ingredient is the Bangladeshi agent of Van Aarsen.

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