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Present Protein & Energy requirement situation against Poultry & Fish Feed Industries??

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Md.Zahidul Islam : Maize & Soybean meal & oils are major & mandatory raw materials for feed manufacturer where 70-80% raw-materials coverage through maize & SBM especially in Poultry feed. We are not capable to produce maize & soya seed as our demand curve, not only our industries always have to depends on imports. Other hand protein comes from vegetable source like soybean meal & animal source meat & bone meal is a debatable issue among Govt. industries & experts although Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India are continuous uses M& B as sources of Energy & Protein.

The global corn Soybean market is supplied primarily by four countries – Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and the United States. Combined, these countries account for nearly 90 percent of global exports. Due to Russia- Ukraine war global market situation tern to critical condition where price & availability is major concerns.

IN concerns of our feed industries vegetable protein sources like soybean mill & also energy source soybean oil & Ca & P source DCP & MCP are huge crisis in Bangladesh, where people are crying for soybean oils, how we think about the uses in oil in Animal feed, so our strategy should be reducing their uses in Poultry feed.

Meat & bone meal can reduce the cost of Production & Uses of Oil & Soybean Meal

  1. Energy contents of M & B is 2600-2700 Kcal/Kg & Crude Protein 48-51% for that we can use as duel purposes as result as a result it will be reduces the uses of Soybean oil & Meal.
  2. Due to high level of Ca & P content we have to reduces the uses of MCP & DCP which lead to reduce RM costing & as well minimized the environmental hazard due excessive Phosphorus content in the water surface.

Table:1: Meat & Bone meal prices on 2021

Without MBM Formulation   Formulation with 4.5% MBM @60 Tk/Kg
Cost Analysis (Taka per Kg.)   Cost Analysis (Taka per Kg.)
RM Cost 54.12   RM Cost 52.65
Process loss 0.54   Process loss 0.53
Overheads 0.00   Overheads 0.00
Total Costs 54.66   Total cost/Kg 53.18
Packing cost/Kg 1.00   Packing cost/Kg 1.00
Total RM Cost/Kg 55.66   Total RM Cost/Kg 54.18
Costing reduces @ 4.50 % MBM in Broiler Diet-Tk/Kg 1.48
Uses Of MCP 5Kg/ton Uses of MCP 0 Kg/ ton
Energy/ Kg  3102 Energy/ Kg 3103
CP%/ Kg 21.48 CP%/ Kg 21.48
NPP% 0.47 NPP% 0.56
Uses of oil 41.0 Kg/ton Uses of oil 34 Kg/ ton
Uses of Soybean 233 Kg/ ton Uses Of soybean 180 Kg/ton
Effect on soybean oil & meal uses in Broiler Feed @ 4.5 MBM Formulated feed
Uses of oil reduces @ 4.50 % MBM in Broiler Diet-Kg/ton 7.00 Kg
Uses of SBM reduces @ 4.50 % MBM in Broiler Diet-Kg/ton 53.00 Kg

 Table-2: Import values at some country on 2021 & Growth compare with 2020

Trade Flow Import Value 1-Year Growth in Import Value-%
United States to China $182.28M 10.83
United States to Indonesia $177.16M -4.84
Hungary to Vietnam $176.66M 36.63
United States to Vietnam $115.38M 46.01
United States to Canada $56.04M 15.26%
New Zealand to Indonesia $38.23M 3.59
Germany to Thailand $35.25M -7.80%

Note: As a biggest populated Muslim country Indonesia import 215.44 Million USD Meat & Bone meal from USA & New Zealand 

Rice barn Oil have to ban against Export:
Rice barn oil Industries has been developing in our country, oil from rice barn is more healthy, safe & enrichment of omaga-3, antioxidant & fat-soluble vitamin than soybean oil, still our people don’t ware about this, but the human consumption of RBO are increasing at India day by day. As a result, India has imported maximum crude RBO from our country at every year, still we don’t develop any policy against export.

At the present crisis situation on Soybean oil if we ban to export rice barn oil to India at least minimum 3 month will be great contribution for human consumption as well feed industries.

Maximum manufacturers have to run their mill @ 50% capacity, upcoming rice harvesting season will start soon, so plenty of rice polish may enough for full capacity running, if needed any support of fund Govt. may arrange bank loan at minimum interest for them.

Table: 3-Tentative Production Capacity of DORB & RBO
Sl. No Company Name Address Production Capacity In MT Remarks
1 Jamuna Oil Mill Rajshahi 500
2 Mazumder Rice Bran Oil Mill Jashore 500
3 Mazumder Rice Bran Oil Mill Sherpur, Bogra 300
4 Westarn Bogra 300
5 AL-Noor Bogra 300
6 Tamim Bogra 300
7 Rashid agro Ishwardi 300
8 Ispandhan Jamalpur 300
9 Abdul Monaem Modhupur, Tangail 300
10 Prodhan Ghoraghat 300
11 Green Agro Rongpur 300
12 Natural Oil Mill Comilla 300
13 Ali Natural Jamalpur 300
Total Capacity 4300
50% Utilization / Day 50% Utilization / Month In %
In MT  
Capacity 2150 64500  
DORB (75%) 1612.5 48375 75%
RBO (20%) 430 12900 20%
Others (5%) 107.5 3225 5%

Note: Monthly 26000 MT Rice barn oil may add our basket if full capacity has utilized

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