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MoU Signed between Land O’Lakes & EnerGaia Bangladesh Ltd.

Published at সেপ্টেম্বর ১১, ২০১৯

On 09 September 2019, Land O’Lakes Venture 37 signed an MoU with EnerGaia Bangladesh Limited. As per the MoU Land O’Lakes Venture 37 will mobilize volunteers from USA to provide specialized technical assistances to increase spirulina production and processing quality, profitability and to enhance application of food safety practices and systems. Accordingly, Mr. Md. Maksudur Rahman, Country Director, on behalf of Land O’Lakes Venture 37 and Mr. Saumil Navnit Shah, Managing Director, on behalf of EnerGaia Bangladesh Limited signed the MoU.

Land O’Lakes Venture 37 is implementing Farmer to Farmer Food Safety and Quality (F2F FSQ) program being funded by the USAID Washington, to address the important and critical issues of food safety and quality by engaging highly qualified US volunteers. Generally, volunteers assist and train the company people and producers on good agricultural and manufacturing practices to improve the food safety protocols and quality assurance systems from “field to fork.”  To overcome arising food safety problems, the Bangladesh F2F FSQ country project is leveraging Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)- Global Markets Program (GMaP) as a tool to our implementation. GFSI work with food industry key players to attain continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the globe.

EnerGaia Bangladesh is a sister concern of the Thailand based EnerGaia Company Limited specializes in producing fresh and sustainable algae products. Focused on producing Spirulina a part of daily diets and utilizing otherwise unusable space and land to cultivate healthy food, EnerGaia team is leading the way towards tackling nutritional and environmental problems that plague the cities and residents. EnerGaia started operations in Bangladesh in 2017 to produce spirulina, an edible cyanobacteria with the technical assistance of a former USAID Asia Regional project and conducted extensive R&D for producing in rural homesteads by the women producers along with the urban rooftop production. EnerGaia Bangladesh is in the process of finalizing the facility and process flow design. They are seeking technical assistance in ensuring optimum Food Safety and pursuing the GFSI accredited certification following GMaP parameters.

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