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Team EASTMAN’S visit to Kazi Agro Ltd.

Published at সেপ্টেম্বর ২২, ২০১৮

Nishit Mehta (Business Manager; Eastman Chemical Ltd.) and Ketan Save (Regional Account Manager; Eastman Chemical Limited) of Yixing Taminco Feed Additives Co.Ltd. a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company; a premix producing company, came to Bangladesh on a business trip on 6 Aug 2018. They mainly came here to visit the head office of Kazi Agro Ltd.Moreover; they have been working with Kazi Agro Ltd. Since 2013.At the time of visiting the head office they talked elaborately to the sales and marketing team about product:- Eastman ™ Choline Choride 60% vegetable carrier. They left Bangladesh  on 9 Aug 2018.

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