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Microbial approach to animal environment: Focus on BioFilm

Published at ডিসেম্বর ১২, ২০১৭

Nutrition, immunity and environment are the three pillars that secure and improve the quality of animal production. Today, animal environment is an important area for progress. We believe that the next revolution in this area will be to convince producers that disinfection is not enough. “Nature abhors a vacuum”: It is an illusion to think that a building can be sterilized, but it has been demonstrated that a high level of hygiene and biosecurity can signifcantly improve production costs. In this context, a virtuous approach is to occupy the space with positive microflora.

The concept of positive biofilm application to farm surfaces

The development of LALFILM PRO
This approach drove the development of a bacterial based product, LALFILM PRO, consisting of a mix of selected and concentrated bacilli and lactic acid bacteria applied to help secure building surfaces through the implementation of a positive and protective biofilm after chemical disinfection.

Surface positive colonization by LALFILM PRO bacteria at : T0h, T6h, T24h. (Source: INRA-LALLEMAND)

The bacteria were selected by high through put screening based on their capacity to form a biofilm and to produce lactic acid, which decreases local pH, helping to limit the development of undesirable microorganisms that may form persistent negative bioflms. Once the best bacteria were selected, scientists worked on the formulation of the product to optimize its adhesion characteristics and ensure optimal coverage when applied by spraying on various farm surfaces.

The use of a positive biofilm solution appears as a preventive approach that complements efficient cleaning and disinfection processes. It helps establish a safer microbial environment before the entry of the animals and, thus, contributes to improved hygiene conditions.

Source : Lallemand Animal Nutrition

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