Butiracid – a nano-encapsulated free sodium butyrate

Agrinews24 Business Desk: The health, growth and yield of production animals depend on an optimal digestive system. Maintaining it in good condition ensures maximum nutrient absorption and productivity.

Butiracid supports gut health and performance
Butiracid is an animal feed premix composed of nano-encapsulated free sodium butyrate with vegetable fats. The nanoparticles are highly bioavailable and better used by gut cells than other coated butyrate formulations.

When to use Butiracid

  • Butiracid is especially recommended in prestarter diets to promote microvilli and healthy gut microbiota development.
  • It is also recommended to continue using the product throughout the production cycle to keep the microbiota stable.
  • Butiracid combi70 consists of 70% sodium butyrate together with a special blend of essential oils that act synergistically with the butyrate.

This is how Butiracid works

Butiracid is the differentiating factor

  • It acts along the entire gastrointestinal tract for efficient and healthy production.
  • Bacteriostatic action on pathogenic bacteria.
  • Visible improvement of the animal’s production parameters including higher weight and lower feed conversion rate.


  • Unique technological process resulting in a homogeneous matrix due to its agglomerated nano-coated particles.
  • Nanoparticles are not altered by fragmentation or milling.
  • Free butyrate to start working from the beginning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Easy to use due to its mild odor.

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