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Aquatria™ for better absorption and utilization in Aquatic

Published at ফেব্রুয়ারি ১২, ২০২৩

Staff Correspondent: Kemin AquaScience™ provides solutions that are more sustainable for aquaculture and the environment by adapting to the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). Aquatria™ provides better emulsification of fat, stabilizes micelle formation, and optimizes the gut environment for better absorption in aquatic animals.

Kemin experts said these things in the seminar titled “LIPID AND DIETARY ENERGY OPTIMIZATION FOR IMPROVING FEED COST AND ENHANCING FISH PERFORMANCE”. The seminar was organized by Kemin AquaScience™ at Le Meridien Dhaka, in the capital on 11th February, Saturday.

Kemin AquaScience™ Regional Director Mr. Krishnan P gave a welcome speech at the seminar. He said, We (Kemin AquaScience™) focused on sustainable fish farming and find solution on healthy fish production. The production cost of feed is now a hot topic around the world as raw material prices hike. Today our experts will focus on how to solve the problem through energy optimization.

Dr. Orapint Jintasataporn, Associate Professor, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand, presented a technical paper titled ‘Energy & Lipid Metabolism in Aquatic Animal’ in the seminar. In that presentation she basically gives four tips to improve feed performance and they are- Protect protein to be energy by increase lipid/energy level and important to increase oxygen in rearing area/pond; Reduce feed cost by reduce excess energy/lipid or protein; Control feeding practices and Improve lipid digestibility and utilization.

She Said, The digestive enzymes work on aqueous condition for hydrolysis the substrate to small molecules. Hence, increase exogeneous emulsifier, phospholipid & lysophospholipid could promote digestion.

Mr. Grin Swangdacharuk, Product Manager, Kemin AquaScience™ discussed the topic of ‘Developing of Aquatria™ -Let Use More Fat & Get More Firm’ in the seminar. He said, Aquatria™ improves the utilization of nutrients by supporting more tri-acyl glycerol formation, enhancing chylomicron formation, improving the utilization of fat, and delivering energy and lipophilic nutrients to aquatic animals. Improving utilization of fat, resulting in a reduction of visceral fat, improved liver health condition, and reduce the use of protein as an energy source which improves fish fillet yield and quality.

After presenting the technical paper, the Kemin AquaScience™ experts gave fluent answers to the various questions of the guests who came to the seminar. From home & abroad about 120 aqua experts, feed millers, nutritionists, high officials participated in the seminar.

In addition, Kemin AquaScience™’s local distributor Neons Limited Managing Director Dr. Mahmudul Hasan. He wished everyone’s sincere cooperation in the marketing and supply of Kemin AquaScience™’s products.

Kemin AquaScience™ country manager Dr. Rajesh Sikder played the role of moderator in the seminar.

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