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Novus Knowledge Forum on Gut Health Optimization in Poultry

Published at জুন ২৮, ২০২২

International Desk:  As a way to share knowledge on how gut health can impact poultry production, Novus International, Inc., hosted the first in a series of informational forums titled Gut Health Optimization in Poultry in the cities of Kolkata (West Bengal) and Pune (Maharashtra) on 15 and 17 June 2022 respectively.

Kolkata and Pune are prominent poultry-producing areas in India. Both the markets consist of strongly integrated farming, commercial feed operations, and a mix of layer farms. With increases in demand for broiler meat and eggs, the challenge of getting good quality raw feed materials at a competitive price is increasing. At the same time, maintaining good gut health is an ongoing challenge for poultry producers. There are certain organic acids and essential oil complexes that have become an important tool to improve/optimize bird gut health. Novus hosted these events with an aim to provide insight on how to use these feed additives and other options to positively impact poultry gut health.

The Novus Forums received an overwhelming response with over 70 attendees that included integrators, feed millers, and layer farmers, along with eminent thought leaders from the poultry industry.

The keynote speaker was Dr. D. Chandrasekaran, a retired professor of animal nutrition at TANUVAS (Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University). Having published more than 75 scientific articles in national and international journals, Chandrasekaran is a renowned poultry expert, nutritionist, and researcher in India and the subcontinent.

Chandrasekaran spoke on how maintaining gut health is the first priority for every nutritionist in the poultry industry. Linked to better immunity, nutrient utilization, improve digestibility and overall performance, the bird’s gut health is the most important factor. He said it’s possible to impact gut health through the usage of nonantibiotic additives, acidifiers, enzymes, and protected organic acid to control many gut pathogens and improve beneficial microbes.

During the event, Annafe Perino, Novus poultry solution manager in Asia, explained how Novus gut health solutions are unique and help poultry producers to maximize their profit by reducing the pathogen load in the intestine. She talked about various research trials conducted to show how Novus products they work in controlling pathogens in the gut and increase beneficial bacteria, highlighting Novus eubiotic solutions AVIMATRIX® feed supplement and NEXT ENHANCE® 150 feed additive.

“Novus believes in providing our customers solutions with demonstrable value,” Perino said. “With our unique eubiotic solutions for optimizing gut health and farm profitability, we are strategically well-positioned to serve our customers and increase their profits.”

Perino explained how AVIMATRIX®, Novus’s premium blend of high benzoic acid concentration in embedded matrix technology helps create homogeneous dispersion and the slow and continuous release of active ingredients along the entire intestinal tract. AVIMATRIX® also ensures a dustless free-flowing and non-corrosive product, which allows the active antibacterial ingredients to be delivered to the lower part of the intestinal tract.

For NEXT ENHANCE® 150, Perino explained how the high level of essential oil compounds are thermostable through a patented micro-encapsulation technology that ensures the release of active ingredients at the right site in the gut.

“This allows NEXT ENHANCE® 150 to reduce pathogenic bacteria and improve gut morphology, controlling Eimeria species pathogenic bacteria and increasing beneficial bacteria in the gut. These changes help to improve the overall performance of the bird,” she said.

The sessions were moderated by Reena Rani L C, Novus senior marketing communication specialist for South Central Asia. Dr. Manish Kumar Singh, Novus director of strategic marketing in Asia, led the event with details about Novus; sharing details about the company’s foundation in feed additive products based on science and research, as well as its strong presence in India.

The event was supported by the Novus India team including, Dr. Krishnamurthy Dasappa- sales director, Dr. Koushik De – technical service director, Sukanta Nandy – national sales manager, Santu Nandy – sales manager, Dr. Milind Rainchwar – technical service manager, Dr. Rajesh Kharvi – product category manager for Asia/Pacific, Vikram Tambewagh – sales manager, Nilesh Sen – sales manager, and Anand Srivastava – key account manager.

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