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Kemin Intestinal Health Summit held at Dhaka

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Special Correspondent ( A Technical seminar has been organized by Kemin Industries titled “Kemin Intestinal Health Summit Dhaka-2022” on Saturday (14 May) at Le Meridian Dhaka. The seminar consisted of four speakers who presented technical papers on different topics.

Mr. Tanweer Alam, Director, Marketing of Kemin South Asia Pvt. Ltd. gave a welcome speech on the seminar.

Mr. Tanweer said, The world is now very unpredictable situation. None of us know when the current situation will change.  He said, Almost 140 mMT protein need in this world; Of this, 80 MT comes from animal sources & biggest come from poultry. ‘Poultry production is one of the most sustainable protein.

He said, World Poultry meat production soared form 9 to 132 MMT in the last 50 years and still estimated to grow. Of this, 80 MT comes from animal sources & biggest come from poultry.  This growth in poultry production can be more efficient and sustainable in terms of economical, environmental and people needs – The demand Hierarchy. ‘Poultry production is one of the most sustainable protein’ added Tanweer.

He also said, Intestinal resilience is one of the most crucial factors within the hierarchy of needs, as more than 80% of dietary inputs go through the gastrointestinal system.

Dr. RC General Manager of Kemin South Asia Pvt. Ltd.  (Technical Services) presented a presentation titled “Managing Enteric Pathogens – Bangladesh perspective” on that seminar. He discussed Poultry Gut Health, Diseseases status in Bangladesh, Common enteric infections (Clostridium Perfringens, E. Coli infections, Salmonella infections), Usage of antibiotics and consequences, Trend in managing gut health of poultry  in detail there.

Dr. Susanne Kirwan Global Technical Service Manager of kemin presented a presentation titled “Resilient Intestinal Health & Performance The European Way” on that seminar.

Dr. Santosh Vyas, Director R&D, Kemin South Asia Pvt. Ltd. presented a presentation titled “The Genesis of the Resilient Solution” on that seminar. Basically he discussed about Top poultry Pathogens, Compatibillity and pellet stability, current status fo pathogens and non pathogens etc.

Dr. Vaibhav Bhamare product manager of Kemin South Asia Pvt. Ltd.  presented a presentation titled “Invented for Disease Resilience and Performance” on that seminar. He explain defination of better output. ‘Better FCR/kg, Increase live weight eggs per MT of Feed, Increased marketable eggs and egg production and better quality droppings -are the brand value of the feed’ he added.

After the presentation of the technical papers a product named ENTEROSURETM was launched in the market of Bangladesh.  ENTEROSURETM is a properietary composition of probiotic Bacillus strains developed for resilient intestinal health, that secretes several anti-microbial metabolites and quenching molecules. It has the ability to direcly inhibit and manage the growth of specific enteric pathogenic bacteria and promote, restore and maintain a healthy microbiome, enabling users to manage intestinal health challenges and improve animal productivity.

After that an open question and answer session was organized the & kemin experts answered each of the guests’ questions with beautiful explanations.

Mr. Chandra Shekhar was in charge of presenting the entire program. Apart from entrepreneurs and experts of the country’s poultry industry, high officials of Kemin (Bangladesh) and Sigma Bangladesh were also present at the seminar.

Dr. Muhammad Gulam Murshed gave closing speech there. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the invited guests and invited them for dinner.

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