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Aviax Plus celebrates 4 years in the Bangladesh market

Published at নভেম্বর ৪, ২০২১

International Desk: Coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases for the world poultry industry. It is caused by parasites called Eimeria spp that multiply in the intestinal tract and damages the intestinal mucosa, causing poor nutrient digestion and absorption. It also increases mortality and predisposition to other diseases. Dr. Leandro Ferreira, Poultry Technical Director SEA at Phibro, emphasized that “Coccidiosis control is a big challenge for the poultry industry, due to the huge impact on the bird’s performance and farm’s profitability; Its control is a key point to maintain profitability”. The world economic impact for this disease is estimated at over US$ 14 billion dollars/year, around US$ 0.22/bird. In Bangladesh the losses exceed US$ 120 million/year.

In 4 years, Aviax Plus was consumed by more than 640 million birds in Coccidiosis prevention programs.

In the last 4 years, the Bangladesh poultry industry has a unique, new and efficient tool to control coccidiosis. This is Aviax Plus, a combination between Semduramicin and Nicarbazin that delivers a strong anticoccidial activity against all important coccidia species. By controlling coccidiosis, Aviax Plus contributes to the reduction of feed conversion rate (FCR) and mortality rate, as well as the usage of anticoccidials and antibiotics by water. “Aviax Plus has an exclusive unique formulation, which concentrates the active molecules Semduramicin and Nicarbazin in the same granule with a patented new technology, offering a uniform and excellent mixability in the feed, and the right dose of each compound for the birds” mentioned Dr. Mehedi, Technical Manager Bangladesh at Phibro.

Since its launch in Bangladesh, Aviax Plus was consumed by more than 640 million birds in coccidiosis prevention programs, showing excellent and consistent results. “All key poultry producers in Bangladesh use Aviax Plus in their coccidiosis program. The product has shown high efficacy in controlling coccidiosis in broiler and Sonali, while improving bird’s performance, reducing the cost for the poultry producers and increasing the return on investment (ROI) for the feed millers” said Dr. Roy, Territory Manager Bangladesh at Phibro.

Phibro Animal Health is focused on continuing to provide customers with good quality products, as well as technical services and unique ‘Gut Health Solutions’ that will help the poultry industry produce more and better. “Phibro, together with our partner Provet Resources, we have the commitment to bring unique solutions to the market. In the last years, we have launched in Bangladesh a complete and exclusive ‘Gut Health Portfolio’, which contains Anticoccidials, Phytogenic, Probiotics and Prebiotics to support the production of healthier and cheaper protein for Bangladeshi people” summarized Dr. Erkin Erkmen, Commercial Director SEA Markets at Phibro.

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