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PHOSFEED® Strengthens the Skeleton and Accelerates the Animal’s Growth

Published at ডিসেম্বর ৯, ২০১৯

International Desk : World leader in phosphate products, OCP has been a key player in the international market since its creation in 1920. The Group is integrated throughout the entire value chain thanks to its presence in the three segments: phosphate rock, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers.

PHOSFEED® is manufactured by OCP out of the finest raw materials. PHOSFEED®, which enriches the diversified offer of the Group’s current portfolio, provides essential nutrients and guarantees healthy growth for your livestock.

PHOSFEED® products are GMP+, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified, they fulfill the highest quality standards for an optimal animal feeding experience.

Production Method

PHOSFEED® is the result of the chemical reaction of phosphoric acid with calcium carbonate under strictly controlled conditions.

Use & benefits

PHOSFEED® is used as a main source of phosphorus and calcium in animal feeds mainly designed for breeding purposes (cattle, poultry, aquaculture…), PHOSFEED® strengthens the skeleton and accelerates the animal’s growth. The high solubility and biological availability of PHOSFEED® ensure a greater nutritional value.

Packaging & storage

PHOSFEED® products are available in bulk, 25 kg & 50 kg bags, and 1 MT big bags, to be stored in a cool and dry area to preserve its quality. The products can be shipped in containers or vessels. All bags are labeled and identified by a unique batch number that enables the traceability procedure following international regulations.

















The information contained in this document is a representation of the average properties of product analyses as tested on composite samples and typical analyses should not be considered a guaranteed specification. Individual shipment and grab sample analyses may fall outside of the above typical values Additional handling, transportation, or improper/extended storage may affect product analyses. OCP disclaims any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that may occur from any reliance on, or other use of the above information with respect to the product.

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