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Alltech Bangladesh Made a Difference Day

Published at সেপ্টেম্বর ১৫, ২০১৯

Team Alltech Bangladesh with Quantum Foundation Volunteers.

Dhaka, Bangladesh: On this year’s Make a Difference Day, a special internal event that celebrates the legacy of Alltech founder Dr. Pearse Lyons on his birthday, Aug. 3, Alltech Bangladesh decided to do something unique. Remembering Dr. Lyons’ vision of making a difference in the lives of people around the world, Alltech Bangladesh donated blood to support dengue fever patients who are in critical condition.

This season, dengue fever has taken many lives throughout Bangladesh, with new cases emerging every day. The most serious patients suffer from massive blood platelet loss, which can only be replenished through a transfusion.

Alltech Bangladesh invited the Quantum Foundation to visit the office and collect blood. All the members of the Alltech Bangladesh family stepped up to donate blood. Dr. Saiful Islam, general manager of Alltech Bangladesh, started the program by making the first donation. This encouraged the everyone in the office to get involved and play their part in addressing this crisis.

Special thanks to the Quantum Foundation and volunteers for helping with the whole program.

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