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DSM Organized “Moving Poultry Into the Future” titled Seminar at Dhaka  

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Dhaka: The theme of this seminar was “Moving Poultry Into the Future”. Leading Poultry Producers, Feed Millers, Nutritionists, Consulting Veterinarians & key stakeholders of Bangladesh poultry industry attended this seminar. The seminar begins with Safety briefings by the hotel management. Dr. Vijay Makhija (Regional Marketing & Communication Manager, Asia Pacific Region) shared that DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all. With its products and solutions DSM addresses some of the world’s biggest challenges whilst creating simultaneously economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders; customers, employees, shareholders, and society-at-large. DSM delivers innovative solutions for animal nutrition. With our expertise in feed additives we contribute to growth, performance, health and welfare of the animals and provide opportunities for feed cost savings and more sustainable animal production.

Together with Novozymes, DSM Animal Nutrition & Health partners in the global Feed Enzymes Alliance, are delivering innovative feed enzymes developed to meet the challenges of global livestock production. The Feed Enzymes Alliance combines marketing and technical expertise from experts in the field to develop the broadest range of feed enzymes available worldwide.

Mikkel Klausen, Department of Enzyme Innovation, Animal Health & Nutrition, Novozymes A/S presented on the topic of Discovery and in vitro characterization of a novel muramidase for use in animal feed. The Key messages from his talk were – Bacterial biomass 2nd only to plants on our planet, The gut is densely populated with microbes, Bacterial cell debris is released upon cell division and death. A novel fungal muramidase improved FCR when supplemented to broilers, Independent in vitro assays confirmed hydrolysis of gut relevant peptidoglycan, Absence of antimicrobial potency was confirmed in vivo and in vitro.

Estefania Pérez Calvo, Senior Scientist at the DSM Research Center for Animal Nutrition & Health, Village-Neuf (France) presented on the topic of In vivo evaluation of a novel microbial muramidase and its implication for poultry industry. The Key messages from her talk were- Muramidase is an enzyme which substrate is naturally in the gut (peptidoglycans from bacterial cell wall debris) that optimizes the gastrointestinal functionality by improving nutrient digestion and absorption capacity, without impacting villi length but decreasing mucosa thickness & Contributing the improvement of the litter quality and decrease the footpad dermatitis, Minor changes of the gut microbiota composition Consequently, supplementation of muramidase has a positive effect on feed efficiency of broiler chickens.

Dr. Santiago Ramirez, Poultry Regional Marketing Animal Health & Nutrition DSM APAC presented on the topic of Achieving Optimum Gastro Intestinal Functionality-  Making Friends with the Chicken’s Microbiome. The Key messages from his talk were Gastro Intestinal Functionality in terms of nutrition can be altered by: Feed Form, Chicken’s diet, Substrate extracted by enzymes and added functional ingredients such as Eubiotics (pre & pro biotics, OA and EO), Knowledge on the chicken’s microbiome still as its infancy. Sustainable additives modify the microbial ecology & positively affect production parameters, Microbial diversity seems to be integral part for performance & DSM team is capable of working together with customer to address their needs.

Rolando ValientesRegional Technical Service Manager Eubiotics APAC summarized the speakers’ presentations & moderated the panel discussion. He highlighted the need to recognize the hidden potential in the peptidoglycans and the game-changing innovation, the muramidase, which unlocks this potential. He likewise, emphasized the need to take a holistic approach in reducing the use of antibiotics in poultry production.

Mr. Rafiqul Hoque, CEO of Poultry Consultant and Development Services (PCDS), distributor of DSM Nutritional Products in Bangladesh market, expressed his thoughts on industry development and scope of the different new science-based product application for the betterment of the industry.

Mr Ruhul Amin Sarker, Technical Manager, DSM Nutritional Products, expressed sincere thanks to all the participants for attending this seminar. In addition, he extended invite to participants for attending 11th International Poultry Show & Seminar 2019 where is DSM speakers are sharing their insights.

This seminar concluded with Sumptuous Dinner



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