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Brazil-Bangladesh Poultry Business Talks in Dhaka

Published at সেপ্টেম্বর ২৩, ২০১৮

A two-day Business Meeting & Seminar on “Poultry Feed Ingredients and Technology” has began today in Dhaka with an aim to explore new opportunities and strengthen mutual cooperation in the field of poultry and livestock business. The embassy of Brazil to Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) is organizing this two-day seminar and business meeting on 23 & 24 September. The Brazilian Renderers Association (ABRA) and The Brazilian Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) are facilitating the business meets.

While addressing speech during the inaugural ceremony, his Excellency Ambassador of Brazil Joao Tabajara de Oliveira Junior expressed to knot stronger ties with Bangladesh and introduce a new avenue in the field of poultry and livestock business in Bangladesh. Mr. Ambassador said, “Brazil needs to show more. I want to see moving forward, develop partnership and explore opportunities that we never explored before”. Though many of the Brazilian products are imported in Bangladesh, there was no direct connection. Mr. Tabajara Junior told that recently there are some significant progresses in dairy and textile business in Bangladesh. He hoped that the business talks and exchange of opinions & ideas would be fruitful and would generate long lasting partnership.

Mr. Moshiur Rahman, president, Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) told that there is good scope of mutual partnership. “So far, we are importing two major ingredients of poultry feed that i.e. maize and soya but more Brazilian ingredients might be important for the industry. Bangladeshi poultry industry might also be benefited with the Brazilian poultry technology as well. Mr. Rahman said that Bangladesh is sufficiently producing poultry egg & meat. “We are going on improving our capacity, stressing on the food safety issues and quality improvements- as we are preparing for export. Therefore, we are not in a position to import egg or poultry meat or feed, rather eager to get more quality ingredients, raw materials and technologies which will help us to make our dream come true” Mr. Rahman added. BPICC president thanked the Excellency Ambassador of Brazil for organizing such a timely business talks. He also welcomed the Brazilian Business Delegates in Bangladesh. “We are at present facing obstacles importing meat & bone meal which is a protein ingredient and helpful element for the poultry feed. We are ready to comply all the government rules and guidelines in this regards. Therefore, the issue of MBM should be raised and resolved while having discussion with the Department of Livestock Services going to take place the next day with the Brazilian Delegation”, Mr. Moshiur added.

The President of ABRA, Mr. Charbel Syrio briefly told about the business groups of Brazil. There were presentations from the A&R Nutrition company, BRF Ingredients, FASA group, FAROL group, FUGA COUROS group and SANIMAX group.

Charbel Syrio from A&R, Maria Joana from BRF, Alexandre Ferreira from FAROL, Marcelo Klein from FASA, Andre Benedetti from FUGA COUROS, Kelson Costa from GOIAS RENDERING, Marcelo Campos from GRANDE RIO, Rodrigo Tegesco from MASTERFOODS, Juliana Cappellazzo from INTEGRA, Schyene Ritter from GUIBON, Andre Campos from SANIMAX, Luciano Hartmann from SEARA and Robinson Huyer, Catia Macedo, Marcell Porto e Castro, Nuno Furtado and Lucas Soares Portela from ABRA attend today’s sessions.

Around 35 poultry entrepreneurs from the Bangladeshi poultry industry attended today’s seminar and business meetings.
There will be one-to-one exclusive bi-lateral business talks tomorrow which will start in the morning and continue upto Lunch.

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