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Eskayef introducing “Lipigon”

Published at আগস্ট ২০, ২০১৭

eskayefBizantchemie (A Guybro Group of Companies) is going to start their business with Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Animal Health Division) by introducing “Lipigon”. It is an ideal emulsifier for poultry with HLB value 18. It emulsifies fats into micro micelles (2 – 20µ) increasing their surface area to promotes absorption. Lipigon prevents clumping of fat/oil micromicelles, mimics action of bile salts, reduces digestion stress. It is stable in pelleted and mash feed.

This August Dr. Madhab Howlader, Country Business Head of BizantChemie with their Director Mr. Gaurav Bedi sit in a meeting at Eskayaf corporate office in presence of Dr. Arifur Rabbi, Portfolio Manager of Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Animal Health Division) and agreed to launch “Lipigon”.

Bizantchemie(A GuybroGroup of Companies) is an ISO 9001-2008, GMP certified organization and it rapidly emerged as the premier integrated Veterinary Company in India. , with a vision towards Empowering Life &wellbeing. They are doing business in Bangladesh for more than 16 years with good reputation. Their business focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of Poultry & Aquaculture feed supplement & Disinfectant range of products with quality services to clients across the country & globe.

Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Limited, the world-class healthcare solution provider, is one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh, which is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of therapeutic drugs, bulk pellets and animal health and nutrition products

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