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canada goose uk shop Said the survey also found 51 per cent of millennials don see any value in private health insurance.When it comes to the upcoming federal election Mr MacSmith said 65 per cent of millennials surveyed don support the current uk canada goose government.But it appears the millennial vote is apparently still up for grabs as the survey found about 45 per cent of women were undecided about who to vote for at the next federal election, and just over 30 per cent of men were also undecided.The canada goose outlet ontario survey revealed the key to unlocking the millennial vote could relate to their feeling of optimism and this was often linked to housing affordability.The survey found canada goose outlet in canada those with the lowest personal optimism canada goose coats on sale overwhelmingly intended to vote against the government, with about 40 per cent saying they would do so.In contrast, those who were most optimistic about their future were more likely to vote for the current government.Interestingly, optimism appeared to be strongly linked to attitudes about housing affordability.The survey identified those with the lowest optimism often felt that buying a property was unattainable. Almost 35 per cent of those with low optimism said it impossible to buy their first property.Meanwhile, those with high optimism were most likely to already own property. Just under 20 per cent of those with the highest optimism score already had a home.Overall, the survey found millennials were less optimistic about their future, as well as Australia future, than they were last year.The survey asked millennials to rate out of 10 how optimistic canada goose birmingham uk they were about success in the next five years canada goose uk shop.

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