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Brendan Rodgers insists Celtic must believe they can go all the

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Hermes Belt Replica But the longer Rodgers has got used to the financial realities of life in Scottish football, the more comfortable he has become with them. Perhaps, the more understanding too.In any case, there is an immense sense of sporting satisfaction to be had from winning fights with one hand tied behind the back.Brendan Rodgers insists Celtic must believe they can go all the way in Europa best hermes replica LeagueSo if Rodgers and Celtic can lay a couple of blows on Spanish chins over the next week or so and emerge from this tie with their European title hopes intact, then the experience might be worth more than all Peter Lawwell’s slush fund can buy.Rodgers was asked yesterday if he is pleased or frustrated to know that so much lolly is gathering dust in the bank vault. His answer, although ambiguous, points to a man who knows he is giving his own paymasters value for money regardless.”It doesn’t do either really,” was how he put it after a lengthy pause.He added: “I’ve loved my time here, my job is to develop players, add value and win because that’s the vision you need to have as a Celtic manager.”When I came here a few years ago the stands were not full and over high quality Replica Hermes the last two and a half years we all collectively have put the club in a really good position. Hermes Belt Replica

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