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Mechanical solution is very much important need for our farmers -Dr. FH Ansery

Published at নভেম্বর ২০, ২০২২

Special Correspondent: Mechanical solution is very much important need for our farmers. Now the foreign development partners are helping us. My recommendation is, the help should be focused on mechanical practices improvement and communication to farmers. At the same time our livestock department can promote mechanical solutions among the farmers through transforming extension system digitally to increase the adaptation of mechanical interventions for increased profitability. Our private sector needs to introduce globally adopted mechanical solutions very quickly to the farmers.

ACI Agribusiness President Dr. FH Ansery said the above on the closing day (Sunday, 20th November) of the 5th CEVET BD Conference held in Chittagong. Dr. Nahid Rashid, Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock was the chief guest & Dr. Monzur Mohammad Shahzada, Director General-DLS was the Chair of the session. Besides, Global Health Security Specialist-USAID, Secretary-BVA, Register in Charge-BVC, Senior Govt. Officials, University Professors, Scientists, Respected Veterinarians, Officials from FAO & Private sectors were also present in the event

Dr. Ansery Said, CEVET BD event has created huge opportunity for Veterinarians to enhance their knowledge & skills for the sustainable livestock development of Bangladesh. To improve the productivity and make livestock sectorial business profitable mechanical intervention is the priority across the world. We private sector are offering most advanced mechanical solutions to our farmers to improve their productivity.

He Said, developing world is highly mechanized due to their adaptation of modern technologies. If you look at the dairy & poultry value chain, starts from innovation, cultural practices, post-harvest, processing & forward linkage everywhere there are mechanical interventions across the world. This is applicable for dairy value chain as well as the poultry value chain. For example, in Japan many mechanized hatcheries have been established where eggs are set, hatched & chicks released automatically. In dairy robotic milking is practiced in many countries of the world.

In South East Asia, there are huge transformation in mechanization started in India, Thailand, Vietnam and many places. Advanced technologies are regularly practiced in- Biotechnology & research in animal breeding, milking, Monitoring with Drones, vaccination, product traceability, Block Chain, IOT farming, E-Commerce Market Places.

“In Bangladesh consumption of protein especially egg, meat & milk is increasing significantly. Last 3-4 years there are huge transformation of dairy & poultry farm in this country. In cattle farming, Artificial insemination & genetic research, mechanized fodder cultivation, milking machines, modernized slaughter house have been established. In case of poultry, modernized hatcheries with environmental control housing, automated egg incubation system, robotic vaccination & e-commerce market places have been developed” -he added.

Dr. Ansery also said, ACI Agribusiness- our mission is the wealth creation of farmers and our vision is to provide complete solution to the need of the farmers. Mechanical solution is very much important need in Bangladesh to improve the productivity & profitability of the farmers. ACI introduced Poultry Robotic Vaccination, small digitalized incubator for duck, chicken & exotic birds, for dairy- Portable Milk Parlor, Mastitis detection kit, Estrus detection machine, and Portable Ultrasound machine. For advanced animal production ACI ensuring quality semen from its world class hi-tech Lab and Bull Station. For pet and neonatal care ACI provides Intensive Care Unit (Pet ICU). For forward linkage ACI offers “SWAPNO”- the largest super shop network of Bangladesh.

He also Said, In coming days, we will introduce shortly- Inovo vaccination, IOT based Cow Control System & for animal genetics fertile embryo transfer technology. University, colleges & educational institutions should prioritize & include advanced mechanical solutions for poultry cattle to their curriculum so that it will be easy to propagate among farmers. Research organizations may design the researches upon identifying the mechanical need and demonstrate of findings across the farmers efficiently for extension.

ACI Agribusiness is always with farmers, veterinarians and stakeholders of this sector and always ready to serve through introduction of innovative technologies and globally practiced mechanization solutions.

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